Clay Powder Cleanser


98% natural-origin Clay Cleansing Powder to cleanse, purify and mattify your skin. A professional formulation of Essential Oils. Non-sticky, non-shiny.

Decléor masters the science of Essential Oils to long lastingly transform your skin. Introducing the NEW Clay Powder Cleanser to naturally purify your skin for a matte finish.

This Clay Powder Cleanser is enriched with Neroli and Green Oregano Essential Oils to:

  • CLEAN: 98% of women felt their skin was purer and healthier*
  • PURIFY: 96% of women felt the Clay Powder Cleanser removed impurities*
  • MATIFY: 83% of women felt their skin looked less shiny*

98% natural origin.

Directions for use:
1. Lather half a teaspoon of powder and water in the palm of the hand.
2. Gently rub together. The powder turns into a delicate foam.
3. Gently massage onto the face, avoiding eyes and lips.
4. Rinse with water.

Add a more generous amount of warm water for a more foamy, smoother cleanse.


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