Skin Youth Biome



  • Skin Youth BiomeTM is a completely unique probiotic formula and has been specifically customised by the Advanced Nutrition ProgrammeTM. There is no other probiotic like it in the world
  • Skin Youth BiomeTM has been specifically formulated for the skin
  • The live cultures are encapsulated in vegetable capsules made from plant fibre sourced from trees


  • Skin Youth BiomeTM has been manufactured using advanced microencapsulation technology. The bacteria themselves are encased in a protective coating to ensure the live bacteria actually survives the stomach acid and passes through to the intestine. Here the live cultures are finally released so that they can target where they are needed the most.
  • Skin Youth BiomeTM is not required to be refrigerated. Not only are the strains themselves acid and temperature stable but they are also microencapsulated ensuring the live bacteria are highly protected so can withstand changes in temperature
    This product has undergone rigorous stability testing so we are able to guarantee there are 5 billion active cultures right up to the end of the two-year shelf life (when the product is stored correctly)
  • Skin Youth BiomeTM is packaged in an aluminium blister to provide additional protection from moisture and light. Each capsule is packaged in a separate pocket within the blister which has been flushed with Nitrogen to prevent oxidation. This packaging ensures the stability, integrity and quality of the product is maintained for each individual capsule right up until the best before date
  • Skin Youth BiomeTM also contains vitamin C which is important for skin collagen formation and contributes to the normal function of the immune system.



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